About Ahead of the Curve

Our Story
One day the idea just came to our of our members, "I would like blog with other bloggers. How could I make that happen?" And that is how we started.

She posted on FatToo Anonymous, on Facebook and accepted all offers. Some of us have blogged for awhile, some of us are professionals and some of us  some are brand new to blogging. There were some bumps getting here but now we blog once a month, on the same day, at the same time on a common subject, that we choose collectively.  There are as few rules as possible, and not every blogger has to blog every month.

We are getting to know one another, and it is great to have others to chat with when we are stuck or want to find out how the others see a subject.

Thanks for being our readers.

We are a collective of plus-size bloggers of varying shapes, sizes and styles. Once a month we choose a new fashion theme and show you different interpretations of it on our blogs.


  1. This is just lovely and very much reflect how I feel about blogging! Do you have any rules on who can play? :D


  2. Sorry we did not get back to you, one of the issues of a collective. Our smallest blogger is currently a size 14, so I guess we are collecting plus size bloggers… But thanks for your interest.

    1. I'm actually an Australian size 18...

    2. Sorry, we are not taking on new bloggers right now. But I think you have a lovely blog and appreciate your interest in us.

  3. Hello: what happend to the affatshinsta lady? Thank you.

  4. Thanks for asking. I have been taking a little break. I hope to come back in 2016....